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Spatialize® offers a range of services, from mapping and analysis to evidence-based planning, from data exploration to trend analysis and population forecasting.  Contact Spatialize® to discuss your requirements.

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Utilising our farming background, Spatialize® can provide farm maps for integrative farming, farm planning, farm management, compliance and regulation.  Farm mapping services include, but are not limited to, maps of farm boundaries, fencelines including fence length, paddock areas (hectares or acres),  water bodies (eg streams and dams), planting areas, soils, slope, critical source areas, low slope stock exclusion, risks and hazards.

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This is where your data comes to life by combining and overlaying different map layers and datasets.   GIS mapping services include, but are not limited to, maps of your property with property boundaries and fencelines, maps for planning your bike, hike or run route, maps of your catchment or service area, maps of your GPS data.  Almost anything is possible.

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Spatial Analysis brings data to life by combining datasets and layers to answer location based questions, such as what is the distance between features, how many features are in a specific area, how many properties will be affected by a development or regulation, what has changed over time, how many trees can I plant for soil conservation and what will the total cost be, what will it cost to fence off an area, how many people live in my service area, how many facilities are located within 5mins walking distance.

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Spatialize® can provide OOTB web based GIS solutions hosted on your ArcGIS infrastructure.  We can configure an interactive web map for crowd sourcing and public engagement, or for simply visualising your concepts on a map for consultation.  We can also design and implement story maps - a map that tells a story. 

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Spatialize® can help tangata whenua with the management and monitoring of cultural heritage and natural resources including land, water and sea, through field mapping and desktop analysis.  Spatialize® can assist with implementing web based GIS systems, field mapping solutions and desktop analysis.

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Bringing your data to life through visualisation and modelling enables you to view your data in 3D or conceptual designs.  The benefits are allowing you to view different aspects of your data before decision making.  An example is a developer wanting to build a multi-level building.  By visualising and modelling environmental data and the proposed development, you can set out to minimise any impact and adverse effects before undertaking the development.

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Bringing your data to life through value added statistical analysis, trend analysis, forecasting and projections, for the preparation of long term plans and future planning.  


Spatialize® can also assist with data cleansing, data validation, management of large datasets, spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel.

Data Cloud


Do you have trouble trying to finding data or finding the right data for the job?  Spatialize® can help source the data you require for your project and navigate any data licencing agreements.

Working Cafe

Don't quite know what you need, but think you need maps and/or data? Get in touch today to discuss your project.

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