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Spatialize® is the brainchild of Dianne Zucchetto, providing innovative bespoke GIS mapping and analysis solutions, enabling better decision making and smarter workflows.

The name Spatialize evolved from the concept of Spatial intelligence with Zucchetto Enterprises.  The US spelling connects the "z" in Spatialize with Zucchetto.

Spatialize (pronounced spā-shə-līz) means to give spatial form to, think of as spatial or in space relations, localise in space (Merriam-Webster) and to place into a physical or geographical context. 

Spatial (pronounced spā-shəl) means of, relating to, or involved in the perception of relationships (as of objects) in space (Merriam-Webster).

Dianne Zucchetto Assoc.NZPI
MAppSc (GIS)
BSc (Hons) (Geology)
BSc (Geography & Geology)
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Dianne has a flair for innovation and outside the square thinking, providing solutions to streamline process, delivering cost effective and efficient solutions for customers, while consistently achieving high standards and meeting targets.  She has over 20 years experience in the geospatial industry in Australia and New Zealand, providing innovative solutions to mapping and data needs.  She is able to understand clients practical problems and provide simple yet technical spatially based solutions.  

Dianne's career started at Victoria University of Wellington, where she completed a BSc degree with a double major in geography and geology, going on to study BSc(Hons) in geology before working as a geologist in Australia. While in Australia, Dianne went on to complete a MAppSc degree in GIS at James Cook University of North Queensland.  Her masters degree complemented her geography and geology degrees, with the addition of her GIS knowledge and skills.

After the completion her MAppSc degree, Dianne was employed by the Queensland Department of Environment, undertaking wetland and indigenous vegetation mapping, and implementing the GIS system for Parks & Wildlife.  Dianne then moved to Melbourne, working for the Victorian Department of Natural Resources as a remote sensing analyst.  Her role included mapping the 2003 Victorian Bush fires, which burnt over 1 million hectares in Victoria, before spreading into New South Wales and Canberra. She was also involved in many natural resource, vegetation and habitat mapping projects, as well the Australian Greeenhouse Office project, mapping 50 years of landuse change for carbon accounting and emissions trading.

Dianne then moved back to New Zealand, working in various GIS and policy analyst roles for local government.  In these roles, she became proficient in demographic and population modelling, land use and capacity analysis, regional and district planning and the Resource Management Act, future growth strategy planning, smart growth and spatial planning, as well as web map development, GIS systems analysis and database administration.

In her spare time, Dianne and her husband manage the family farm.  By applying GIS to their farming practices, they have saved money and gained efficiencies through the implementation of precision farming for soil and pasture management and 3D modelling for stock water reticulation.

Dianne has a collection of unique skills and expertise that she would like to offer. The best way she can do this is by providing consultancy services, so that more people and businesses can benefit from her unique skillset.

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